BANG! Festival

Bang! Festival is a festival I curated together with Laurens Marien in 2018 . We invited several artists we adore. The opening night was themed ‘friends’ and so we invited our favorite musician friends to come and play us some songs.  w/ Dean Blunt, Easter, Lolina (Inga Copeland), Magic Island, Sean Nicholas Savage, Dolly Bing Bing, Lohaus, Hiele, Vitesse, Nosedrip, Capelo, Milan W., Borokov Borokov, Tin Fingers, Onmens, Rumours, Dwild, Whorses, Sunflower, B, Jacobin, Schaduwland, Sergeant, Mayemi, La Money, Tobi Jonson, Ogenn and all you beautiful copains & copines