Postcards to survive Winter 

2022, Spain Andalusia A no-nonsense envelope with 5 hand-numbered limited edition postcards, to make you dream about summer. This series reflects on the first time in a long while that a made a mini-series just for myself. 

you(th)  be alright

2015, Jamaica, Port Antonio First trip on my own that could have been some kind of soul-searching. I travelled through Jamaica for one month and met a lot of kids that showed me around town. It suprised me how the kids trusted me instantly and took me their homes as if I already knew them for years. These warm Jamaican youngsters inspired me for this island project.

Exposed at:
Gouvernement, Ghent (2015)
Do Not Open, Gallery Brussels (2015)
Thurn & Taxis, Brussel (2016)

‘Luistervinken’ short movie

Set photos at Jonathan van Hemelrijck his short movie ‘Luistervinken’. 

0505 Shoes
Picnic campaign

0505 Shoes asked me for a long-time collaboration on the visual part of the brand. They offer fashionable, yet sustainable design shoes.

Together with Nele Huysmans - founder of 05-05 - we decided to make all the campaign shoots with analog cameras as this feel adds up to the sustainability.
In this shoot I asked my friends Nathalie Baert and Camille Taghon to come over for a picnic, have some wine and put on some shoes. 

Check out their webshop for more photos.

Camping Sunset

Zomergasten by CAMPING SUNSET was an open-air theater in Ghent for half a summer, and then perhaps disappears for eternity. Or to become a new annual habit. Eleven recently graduated actors play a stage performance in the open air where the series of plays is longer than the creation period. In other words: the tent poles are just there or you can come a shelter. On Camping Sunset there is a rehearsal for two weeks at the Zomergasten show, which is then played every evening for three weeks, evaluated, and the day after retrying. Zomergasten is a play by Maxim Gorki about a young group of friends who spend the summer in their country houses. (2019)